is a studio potter and ceramic technician fully engaged in the field of ceramics. Based in Portland, Oregon, he runs a studio and offers high-end, hand thrown ceramics. Doug’s ceramics appeal to quality-conscious individuals seeking beauty and craftsmanship in the everyday object. His unique pottery and sculpture is available at select galleries and retailers as well as at his gallery in Portland.

Doug hand throws, trims, glazes, and fires all of his work. He uses a variety of clays, from smooth, translucent porcelains to rough, dark stonewares, to specialty clays of his own formulation. Once the pieces are formed, they are often textured with dry clays or patterned with stamps. Most of the work is then soda glazed, a time-consuming process in which additions of baking soda are made to the kiln while firing. A combination of planning and chance, soda glazing adds depth and variety to each piece.

Doug’s work is distinguished by the marriage of natural and urban elements. He finds inspiration in the texture of a fallen cedar tree and in the weathered surface of an abandoned grain elevator. His simple, robust forms and surfaces are the result of living in both of these worlds, and are informed by the vast, rich history of ceramics.

Doug’s formal education is in Aeronautics and German (B.S. summa cum laude UND ’91). After earning his Bachelor’s degree, he moved to Portland and started taking ceramics courses at local colleges. He soon realized he had found his passion and started working at a high-end tile factory. He set up a studio and built a gas-fired soda kiln. For the past ten years he has been developing glazes, fixing claybody problems, and improving his craftsmanship making functional and sculptural ceramics.